Restaurant Lommerrijk in Rotterdam

Project: Renovation
Architects: Jos van Schendel for Styling by de Blieck


Composition featuring:
Altatensione Ø 150 cm
Finishing: gold painted
Lighting source: Led pointing upwards to have an indirect light
1 x 30W LED + 16 x max 5W G4 halogene


Star Ø 27 cm
Chrome finishing and gold leaf pyrex glasses
1 x 100W E27
Nautical feeling and some glamour
The renovation of the restaurant Lommerrijk in Rotterdam has involved the lighting of the common area too. The choice of Metal Lux lamps and in particular the new collection Altatensione allowed to realize the desired atmosphere.


Light is one of the key factors in the success of a local, bar or restaurant or whatever it is. So it was for the intervention of renovation of the Lommerrijk restaurant. It is a building built in the late 60’s near a beautiful lake in the center of Rotterdam: an ideal location for events such as weddings, birthdays, business meetings, etc. In this case the light not only has a functional purpose, but it also helps to enhance the emotional quality of the various social occasions.


We aimed to achieve a setting where some raw elements contributed to create a nautical feeling and some glamor. “A very difficult goal” emphasizes the designer Jos van Schendel, who developed the project in partnership with Styling by de Blieck interior agency “For the Dutch bars and restaurants a bright atmosphere is very important. On the other hand, as I always say, it is better to have a good and comfortable lighting with ugly furniture than viceversa”.


The light of the environments was sufficient, but monotonous and, so to say, flat. There were only recessed spotlights and so we needed to create a sparkling  place that sparkled with lights in the evening. “Italians love have a lot of light  both at the restaurant and in their homes, but in the Netherlands we need dimmable lamps. To my customers I emphasize the fact that you need to create shade in order to have more difference between light and darkness, and it is a more exciting activity”.


The goal was achieved with the use of  Altatensione, where the open and complex structure on one side and the big size on the other combine in a very elegant scenery. “I’m glad I found these fantastic hanging lamps,  150 cm large, with the possibility of having them in gold finish” continues Jos van Schendel. “In my opinion, they represent the perfect” translation “of what a chandelier should like in 2016”.


When he was asked, what satisfies him more of what he achieved, Jos van Schendel says that now the restaurant has 45% more bookings more.  Some Saturdays ago there was a wedding party with over 300 people: an exciting event thanks to the light ingredient.