Massimo Mussapi’s work includes and integrates industrial design, architecture and graphic design, with specific focus and skills in the hospitality sector. Designated to represent Italy at Equip’Hotel, Paris 2012. Contract design award 2002 – 1° prize/Adi index compasso d’oro 2002/Adi compasso d’oro 2010 – honourable mention /Red dot design award 2012/Gia global innovator retail award – honourable mention/Host smart label 2013 – honourable mention/Adi index compasso d’oro 2014/Award “premio innovazione dell’anno 2015” – flying room is project of the year.


Elvio Lunian started his studies as a goldsmith trained at the Art Institute of Venice, then advancing to the school of art and crafts of Vicenza, then proceeding to the Paduan jewelery school at the Art Institute of Padova Peter Selvatico, and finally concluding his path at the Polytechnic of Milan for an advanced training course in jewelery design. The project Silhouette therefore intends to introduce in interior design the value and sophistication of the tradition of Italian goldsmithing.


Luca and Dario, architect and designer, meet on the way between Milan and Veneto and begin a collaboration that draws its inspiration from that trip to produce signs and patterns in response to the needs of the contemporary habitat. They collaborate with prestigious companies of furniture, lighting and decoration dealing with the art direction, the design of concepts and the products development. A research in micro and macro scale that reads and merges various fields: architecture, design, graphics and art to create environments and innovative objects that are able to tell stories and induce emotions.